Stress Warning Signs

Check the following warning signs of uncontrolled stress. Do you ever experience any of these symptoms?

Physical Symptoms
· Headaches
· Stomach aches
· Difficulty sleeping
· Back pain
· Racing heart
· Fatigue
· Indigestion
· Sweaty palms
· Dizziness
· Tightness in your neck or shoulders
· Restlessness
· Ringing in your ears

Mental Symptoms 
· Trouble thinking clearly
· Lack of creativity
· Constant worry
· Thoughts of running away
· Forgetfulness
· Memory loss
· Inability to make decisions
· Loss of sense of humor

Adapted from The Wellness Book, Herbert Benson,
MD, Eileen M. Stuart, RNC, MS, 1992, published by Simon & Schuster.

Emotional Symptoms
· Crying
· Boredom—things have no meaning
· Becoming easily upset
· Withdrawing from others
· Anger
· Unhappiness for no reason
· Nervousness, anxiety
· Edginess—feeling ready to explode
· Depression
· Overwhelming sense of pressure
· Loneliness
· Feeling hopeless or powerless

Behavioral Symptoms
· Excess smoking
· Sexual dysfunction
· Compulsive eating
· Bossiness
· Critical attitude of others
· Overuse of alcohol
· Inability to get things done

Stress for Those with Heart Issues

For people with heart issues, poorly managing stress can present special dangers.

· Increased blood pressure
· Increased heart rate
· Arrhythmias
· Reduced lung function
· Release of sugar into the bloodstream, along with increased insulin levels, which may contribute to heart disease
· Increased cholesterol
· Negative effect on emotions, relationships and health behaviors that are important to healing and recovery