Know Your Numbers

Do you know the numbers that can keep your heart healthy?

Paying attention to your blood pressure, your cholesterol and other key health indicators can keep heart disease at bay. 

Your goals should be:

Blood Pressure
Optimal at 120/80

Total Cholesterol
Less than 200

LDL Cholesterol (Bad cholesterol)
Less than 100
Less than 70 if you have other risk factors

HDL Cholesterol (Good cholesterol) 
More than 60 (optimal)
Less than 50 (a risk for women)
Less than 40 (a risk for men)

Less than 150 (more important for women)

Blood Glucose
Less than 100 (fasting value)


American Heart Association,
The Heart Truth,

Body Mass Index (BMI)
Less than 25 (women and men)

Waist Circumference
Less than 35 inches (women)
Less than 40 inches (men)

Daily Exercise
More than 30 minutes is ideal,
but you should strive for at least
20 minutes

Daily Relaxation 
More than 30 minutes

Cigarettes Per Day
Zero (and no secondhand smoke)